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doddle for dogs - collar blk with retractable built-in lead up to 40 kg

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black dog collar with retractable built-in lead - quick and simple to grab and let go, easy handling, for dogs up to 40 kg

size L 42 - 55 cm (adjustable): width 25mm; length 75 cm, width 13mm;

Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Boxer, Weimaraner, German Shepherd and other medium large breeds and mixed breeds up to 40 kg

suitable for dogs up to 40 kg body weight.

weight: approx. 150 g (similar to the weight of a comparable leather collar)
colour: black
material: polyester

Once you clip the Doddle on, you don't ever have to take it off your dog (well, until it needs a wash or you prefer your dog to sleep without a collar). If your fingers cannot cope with a fiddly carabiner clip, the Doddle makes walking easy peasy. If you have more than one dog/you are a dog-walker, then the Doddle is the perfect solution. No more constant bending over to clip the lead on and off. You just grab the T-bar and out comes the lead. Simply put your hand through the loop handle and you have full control of your dog (s). When you are ready for off lead walking, then gently release the lead and it slips back into the pod for you to be hands free and for your pooch(es) to be running free. Inside and outside, it is addictive.
It is robust enough to allow a dog that weighs up to 40 kg to wear it safely.

With reflecting parts for higher safety in darker seasons! Much better knowledge of the dog as the stripes woven inside the collar reflect the car lights!

Changeable lid - please remove the lid with flat tool like screw driver. No knife or sharp object.

delivery without decoration/dog