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dog cushion DOG LOUNGER DELUXE rectangular

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stylish dog cushion made of Supercrylic material with Oekotex certification! The filling is your choice!

S 60x50x15 cm
M 80x60x15 cm
L 100x70x15 cm
XL 120x80x20 cm

Although made of 100% polyester, our SUPERCRYLIC® fabric feels like polyacrylic material and is almost as beautiful as wool. By using raw material that has already been dyed, we not only achieve the best and long-lasting colour results but also protect the environment.

That's why our SUPERCRYLIC® material is also Oekotex-certified as Class 1 (suitable for baby products). Our SUPERCRYLIC® material is suitable for outdoor use, so it is water-repellent and retains its beautiful colour for a long time, despite exposure to sunlight or ozone. It is also dirt-repellent, anti-bacterial and easy to care for. Precisely because of its great properties, such as dirt and water repellency, we have produced the bottom side of our SUPERCRYLIC® beds from the same material. We have dispensed with the popular but less robust fleece material.

With our high-quality filling materials, such as EPS microbeads or visco foam mats, you get dog beds that not only look great and are comfortable, but also promote your dog's health and protect the environment! The cushion cover is machine washable at 30°C. With handle for easy handling! The black edging keeps the cushion in shape and also looks chic! Anti-slip imitation leather corners on both sides of the cushion surface! All cushion covers and inner covers have a zip so that you can adjust the amount of filling yourself!

Choose the filling!

foam flakes: soft PU-foam flakes, firmer than e.g. microperls. The cushion is dimensionally stable as the flakes don't collapse as fast as normal polyester fibre filling. Robust & elastic. Nice and economic! New materials - Oekotex! Made in Germany!

polyester fibre balls: soft, cuddly & light weight, but more dimensionally stable than conventional polyester fibre, as they consist of siliconised hollow fibre. Classic & well known! Made in EU!

EPS perls & foam flakes: combination of two fillings, 50% perls, 50% foam flakes. The economic version - combines function and price!

EPS microperls: super small, fine, non-toxic and odourless perls (approx. 0.5 mm). The cushion structure smoothly adapts the dog body's form. Low-noise and little loss of volume while using. tox-proof certificate by TUV Rheinland! Made in Germany!

viscose foam mat: perfect adaption to the dog's body, depressurising. Two different foam firmnesses, so the cushion can be used on both sides for different needs. Joint-friendly for old and/or ill pets! Deluxe! Made in EU! Available only in size M, L and XL.

Supercrylic material 100% Polyester, machine wash 30°C

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