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dog clothes

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safety vest for dogs

dog vest in neon yellow with reflecting parts - flexible fitting because of hook-and-loop closures

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soft harness for dogs

comfortable harness for small and medium sized dogs, available in various colours and sizes

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dog shoes TAPPIES set of 2

dog shoes set of 2 protection against cold, wetness, de-icing salt, available in various sizes

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tie for cogs & cats

adjustable, festive pet tie made of fine satin material, suitable for toy dogs and most cats

2.95 *

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TOUCHDOG dog coat devil

funny devil design. Washable in machine 30°C. Perfect fitting - light and flexible. Suitable for male and female dogs.

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EZYDOG Element Jacket

with this dog coat from EzyDog - easy to fit, easy to wear, easy to see - ready for the elements!

not available at the moment

New TRIXIE training discs

5 metal discs on a rope, effective training due to the special sound signal, incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

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dog clothes from A to Z

From daily use coats to fancy costumes you will find a choice of dog coats in various sizes as well as shoes and other practical and functional clothes.