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cat safety collar soft laque

classical cat collar with safety rubber belt, fake mother-of-pearls buckle and a small bell

2.10 *
RSP manufacturer 4.99 €

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tie for cogs & cats

adjustable, festive pet tie made of fine satin material, suitable for toy dogs and most cats

2.95 *

Delivery period: 1-2 working days

identification tag with rhinestone

small fancy tube to be fixed on your dog's or cat's collar, waterresistant closure, small key ring

4.90 *
RSP manufacturer 10.99 €

Delivery period: 1-2 working days

cat collar FLOWER

fancy and colourful cat collar with reflective elements, small bell and nice fish shaped tag

2.85 *
RSP manufacturer 4.99 €
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Cat collars with safety closure

cat collars in several variations and colours - of course all have a safety closure! With reflecting elements for high-level safety and some tags to put name and address on the cat's collar.