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lick mat for dogs and cats

9.50 €
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With the Pawise Dog Lick Mat, you can offer your four-legged friend a treat or meal without having to worry about them devouring it!

The practical compartments of the lick mat allow the food to be spread out, making it difficult for the dog or cat to eat it quickly. This aids digestion and prevents gobbling and can even have a calming effect, as prolonged licking releases endorphins. Thanks to the strong suction cups on the back, the lick mat can be used both horizontally and vertically on any surface, so it can even be used in the shower!

The different surfaces give you the option of smearing different treats on it. The coarser surface texture is perfect for creamy and mushy treats such as liverwurst, peanut butter, softened cookies, cheese, wet food, fish, fruit, yoghurt etc. The fine surface structure with indentations is perfect for liquid treats such as yoghurt, fruit sauces and smoothies, mashed banana, etc. The special surface structure reduces stress and anxiety in dogs.

The lick mat can be used as a positive reinforcement in combination with food, especially during visits to the vet or when trimming claws. When the dog licks food from the mat, this also stimulates saliva production, which protects the teeth and gums.

material: silicone

size: approx. 21 x 21 cm

dishwasher safe

food safe

Please supervise your dog while eating. the mat itself is not suitable for eating.